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Mehr Zufriedenheit. Mentale Stärke. Bessere Ergebnisse.

Das neue Buch von Boris Grundl: Lust auf Verantwortung.

Leading Simple = Successful Leadership



A large company in Germany offers leadership trainings for their young management talents who work in subsidiaries all over Europe. The second part of the seminar took place in Frankfurt this month. Over a two-day period, nine participants learnt more about the system of “Successful Leadership”.

The young leaders learnt how to identify their main strengths. Later on, they will use the same procedure to discover the strengths of their team members. Some hours were used to improve the communication skills of the participants; they experienced how to provide professional feedback and deal with praise and criticism. Everyone could also improve his/her ability to ask effective questions. The last part of the seminar was used to learn how to build up trust. The participants realized that trust is not a soft factor – “trust is money”.

The pictures show that everyone was eager to learn and participated actively in practical exercises. We are looking forward to the remaining two parts of the seminar, which will take place in March and May of this year.

The Grundl Leadership Academy gives „answers on leadership“. You want to learn more about the possibilities of transformation in your company? Click here.

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